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Common Mistakes in SEO that you Should be Avoiding

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There are many tried and true marketing strategies that businesses can use when working to improve their search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign, allowing them to boost the online visibility of their business website, as well as the amount of traffic that they are receiving.

But what do you do if you find that the optimisation approaches you have been using are actually causing your website more harm than good?

There are a number of different search engine optimisation tactics recommended online that will prove to be highly valuable to the success of your overall SEO campaign, but amongst these is sure to be outdated or even incorrect advice that will have adverse effects on the success of your campaign.

In the article below, Anthony Tedd will discuss the common SEO mistakes that you should avoid within your campaign, helping you to avoid unnecessary damage to the success of your business website.

Your Site Doesn’t Use Outbound Links

Outbound links are often misconstrued as something that will negatively impact the performance of your business website rather than help it – this is a very common misconception within the world of SEO.

While outbound links aren’t necessarily a direct factor that will help to improve your organic rankings, they can help to greatly improve the quality of the content that you publish to your site’s blog and subsequent landing pages.

The creation on relevant, naturally occurring outbound links within your on-page content to reputable sources that will work to provide your readers with useful additional information is a great way to enrich the knowledge and resources that your business is able to provide.

This will not work to negatively impact your SEO campaign, but instead can actually help to improve your site’s reputation and authority, leading to a better ranking position within the organic search results.

Your Site Uses Outbound Links Incorrectly

While the use of outbound links will not work to harm the performance of your business website, how you are using them might.

The placement of these links can play a large part in whether this search engine optimisation practice will help or hurt your campaign, so it’s important to ensure that you are using them correctly.

Any outbound links that you feature within your website’s copy should be seen to occur naturally within your on-page content.

Whether it be a blog post or within your service page content, the placement of links should only occur as and when it makes sense to do so.

Placing outbound links sporadically throughout your business’ site copy, or dumping them all in one place, is considered bad practice and will likely be picked up by the search engines as spam.

This will cause your site to be penalised, impacting your rankings and overall performance within the organic search results.

Image Alt Tags Are Incorrectly Used

Search engines do not properly interpret the images being used throughout your website and within your online content.

Therefore, alt tags allow businesses to provide a descriptive text alternative that will not only help the search engines to better understand any relevant images used on your site, but visually impaired users visiting your website also.

Despite alt tags working to provide better accessibility to the search engines and your potential customer base alike, many business owners incorrectly stuff the alt tags of their images with keywords.

Your alt tags should help to describe what the pictures used on your website show, so using these incorrectly can be inaccessible, counterproductive, and confusing to your visually impaired customers.

The maintenance of a strong and successful SEO campaign can be a difficult task for those who find that their efforts are causing their site performance more harm than good.

If you find yourself unsure of where to start when it comes down to your business’ SEO setup and management, Anthony Tedd offers a quality online SEO course designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide gain access to the essential knowledge that they need.

Learn how Anthony Tedd can help your business thrive today!

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