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Business Skill Mastery

Business Skills Mastery Programme

Forbes featured, 7 figure entrepreneur reveals…

The exact “behind the scenes”




Automated System Hacks

That are mandatory for every successful business.

Quickly achieve total business mastery and learn exactly how to…

Increase profits, reduce labour and dominate your industry

Faster than ever before

And Here’s The Best Part

An award-winning, globally recognised entrepreneur works with you, one on one, inside your business!

To guarantee you transformational results.

You can become the top recognised business in your industry even if…

You are a new, start up or existing business completely unknown in your niche, market, or industry…

You have no business experience

No technical experience with websites

You know nothing about marketing and advertising

You are not a sales person

Yes, You Absolutely Can Do It!

You’ll never get ripped off by an agency again.

You can control as much or as little of your business as you want.

You never have to waste time and money employing staff to do things that can be automated for free or at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Finally become the business that your competition wish they were.

Secure your business future and never worry about gaining new clients again.

You’ll be shown exactly how to achieve all this, click by click on video and on one to one video conference calls, but first…

Here’s a personal message from your business comrade, the leader of the small business revolution that’s making big changes to small business all over the globe.

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

I’m definitely not a typical “online business guru.”

Yes, I’m a UK ‘Most Inspiring Business Owner’ Finalist, best-selling author in small business and entrepreneurship and have been featured in many respected business publications around the globe and have done seven figures in sales with massive profit margins in plain and simple businesses over the past few years, but I’m actually most comfortable working one on one with small business owners. Particularly those who started with nothing but determination and a dream. I love changing one business at a time by helping people achieve more in less time.

So if you want to revolutionise your small business in the simplest and fastest way, then please read on…

Because this short message could change your life forever…

Small business mastery is a straightforward coaching programme that anyone can follow and transform their business with.

I will help you personally to…

Create customers for life and generate new business whilst you sleep.

Plus you’ll minimise your business’s labour time and all your costs.

You’ll work less but achieve more.

Small business mastery helps you solve your BIG problems and achieve your DREAMS.

You will not only make more money (which I’ll guarantee with my 3x your business guarantee), but you’ll also free your time up.

I started out without a single clue about business well over a decade ago.

I had a lot of ups and downs but what I discovered along this journey not only helped me make more money but also SIMPLIFIED my entire perspective of business, advertising, marketing and automation…

It’s what is known as the “Revolutionary” approach.

We start at the end and work backwards. We don’t do anything unless it maximises time saved or money made.

It’s simple and powerful.

Not flashy or gimmicky.

It’s long term, sustainable and life-changing.


I’ll show you exactly how

I hope you get started today and realise your full potential

Ready to see for yourself?

You’ve got a chance to build your own hyper-profitable business that allows you to build trust-based relationships, help people, and…

Make Sales On Command!

Without becoming a “sleazy” sales guy…

Without spending a hundred thousand on ads…

Without “grinding” on social media all day…(ugh)…

Without years of trial and error…

And, most importantly, without spending the rest of your life working yourself to the BONE…

There’s a much BETTER and much SIMPLER way!

Here’s The Deal:

Every year Anthony works closely with a few select small business owners to transform their lives and their businesses.

Their profit margin, sales volume and customer numbers increase massively.

There’s a guarantee that you will triple your investment in the course.

Imagine what even just an extra £1,000 every month forever more for your business is worth. Now what about £10,000 a month. It’s really quite easily achievable when you know exactly how and someone is helping you do it.

Anthony will personally teach and work with you to…

Operate a lean, efficient business that lets you work less but achieve more.

Create “no-brainer” offers to attract an abundance of new clients profitably.

Build an email list of engaged leads and clients.

Automate lots of different outbound campaigns so you can sell on autopilot and never worry about being low on business ever again.

Teach you every skill you need for business success and implement it in your business in the most automated way possible so your business just works for you forever more.

You can then even replicate the process to build more businesses.

You’ll be able to use this model over and over again in whatever market you choose and build multiple online businesses.

Due to the close hands-on nature of this programme, Anthony has to be VERY CLEAR on what you’re signing up for…

This is a “Done With You” program meaning, I’ll be there to support you and tell you what to do and how to do it but you’ve got to do the actual work.

I’ll help you with technical troubleshooting where required but you’ll have to set up your site using the videos I make for you. You’ll create your offers, write your emails, and put up the time/money to generate traffic to build your business.

But don’t worry because I’ll TEACH you exactly how I do ALL of it…and be there to answer your questions along the way, ensuring you progress at a fast rate!

You’ll learn the exact same tactics and strategies I’ve used to create multiple successful businesses…

But fair warning, this is ONLY for people that are SERIOUS about launching and scaling their own business.

It’s affordable and whilst it’s not cheap, it’s nowhere near what you’d need to pay someone like me to build out an entire business framework for you, which is what you’re getting. I won’t be doing all that work for you. The price for that kind of service starts at £20,000.

This programme is a combination of personal coaching, video lectures and trainings.

You’ll have to consider the cost and make sure you’re ready to commit.

But as long as YOU give it your best, you’ll get MINE, and I’m 100% committed to helping you achieve your success and will put my money where my mouth is and give you a triple your investment guarantee.

Truth is, the lean, automated, online focussed business thing can be pretty hard and confusing but I will help save you time, money, and heartache.

So if you’re still here…your ready to do this right?

You’ll master all these skills and a lot more.

You’ll get insider access into my top-secret tools and contacts to transform your business so much that it will be almost unrecognisable within weeks.

Your competition, friends and family won’t know how it’s happened.

You’ll be able to ditch the 9 to 5 type grind for good…

Secure your family’s financial future…

Take better vacations (or take vacations at all!)…

Spend more time with your friends and family…

Share your passion, spread your message, and make a greater impact!

All without the typical stress that 90% of business owners have.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn to do.

Here’s Everything That’s Included:

Lifetime Access to Over a Dozen Elite Level Courses

Here Are Just Some of the Topics Included…

With hundreds of copy-click-by-click videos and copy and paste templates that people pay typically $1000-$2000 per course each for.

And you’ll own them for life.

Being conservative, the value of these courses alone is easily worth £10,000.

Value £10,000+

A Start to Finish Business Blueprint

Get everything done in the right order to minimise wasted effort and maximise rapid results

Save Years of Struggle, Tens of Thousands in Wasted Costs and Avoid Business Failure

VIP Access to Anthony

Use Whatsapp style voice messaging to communicate with him 24/7. It’s like being on a phone call together forever…

Unavailable anywhere else

Cutting Edge Business Guidance and Reviews

Get expert opinions on everything in your business.

How to create “no-brainer” offers that are nearly impossible for your market to say no to.

How to identify and own your unique “voice” within your market so you stand out from the crowd and make it nearly impossible to be ignored.

Private coaching like this costs upwards of £400 per month with a standard business coach. (It starts at £700 with Anthony).

You’ll get at least 1 year’s worth of one to one coaching and support.

Value £8,400.00

364 Days Of Email Mentorship

For motivation and support

When you enroll in Business Skills Mastery, you become a VIP client. You get 364 days of dedicated email mentorship from Anthony (not an employee) with “inbox priority”.

You can send me questions about your ads, emails, content and sales copy for review anytime.

Value £499

A Signed Copy of Anthony’s Best Selling Book

(A special author-only copy, not available for sale anywhere)

Mailed to you.

How To Succeed Today Video Book

Get Help To Write, Print And Publish Your Own Book

So people start to recognise you as an authority in your field

Learn how to write a book without being intimidated about your lack of experience, expertise, or how many pages/words it is. (The reality is those things matter far less than most people think they do). In fact, sometimes being an expert can even work against you! Because people like to learn from someone closer to their level.

Get personal help with your manuscript in addition to creating the artwork, the book formatting, ISBN registry etc from a best-selling author. Manuscript help is not for sale anywhere else due to the extensive hours that go into it.

Value £1999+

Access To Anthony’s Contacts

A powerful little black book that opens Up a World of Possibilities for Your Business Future and gets your foot in the door with big hitters. It’s a golden ticket to the international media

Priceless and never for sale and only disclosed at the right time but let’s be ridiculously conservative and call it £500

Total Value Over £21,000

But Who Is This Not For?

More than 99% of business owners shouldn’t buy business skill mastery.

This training IS CERTAINLY NOT for everyone.

It’s for entrepreneurs who know they are as good as anyone else on the planet and just need to right tools, skills and support to get them there.

If you’re not serious about investing the time, effort, and energy into actually DOING THE WORK, you need not apply.

Then there’s the cost.

This programme is EXTREMELY valuable…you’re literally being handed a proven business model on a silver plate…

Therefore, this training isn’t cheap and DOES require you to invest both time AND some money in the future for advertising to get tangible growth in your business.

When I asked my business peers at a local elite business owner mastermind group what they thought I should charge for this programme a few years back, based on what’s provided they said, 

“A typical starter franchise is around £20,000. but they won’t ever be able to buy a franchise that does what you do for them. That should be the minimum price for a programme like this”.

“So they’ll remain in control of everything and don’t have to share any revenue?Plus they’ll save tens of thousands in labour and time from the start. 25k would be nothing for something like this…

“There’s nothing else like it that I’ve seen. So to the right person, you can name your price”

But in light of the recessions, pandemics, lockdowns, economic upheavals and business closures I’ve witnessed, I want to make it more accessible to have a bigger impact.

Because this might be a LIFELINE for you or your business…

So I’ve decided to offer the programme at a STEEP discount and because of this, it’s only available to a few people a year.

Because I simply don’t have the capacity on top of my monthly private coaching clients.

So consider this…

If all this training did was teach you how to bring in an extra £500 per month (£6,000 per year) for the rest of your working life would that be worth £20,000?

Of course it would. In ten years, you’d have made an extra £60,000 gross, £40,000 net over your initial investment.

And what if all this programme did was teach you how to use paid ads to build an audience, create digital products, and make sales via email…giving you a highly valuable skillset for making money online that you can use for the rest of your life in any business…would it be worth it?

Hell yes it would, and that’s one tiny piece of it.

Well, better still, for the serious students that are willing to really LEARN and IMPLEMENT this training…there is the very REAL possibilty of creating a business that lasts a lifetime and creates an income you’ve only dreamed of!

We’re really talking hundreds of thousands with the skills you’ll learn.

Of course, that depends on YOU and what your goals are.

But I’m not going to charge you £20,000. Not even £10,000.

People spend a minimum of £8,400 per year on private coaching with me and there are very few spaces that ever come up. It might sound like a lot of money but when you clear multiple 6 figures because of it, it’s pocket change.

It’s a no-brainer.

So if you invest in the “Business Skills Mastery” programme (likely within the next 72 hours which is how long these spots take on average to fill up), you will get it for the insanely low price of:


But beware. This offer WON’T be available for long…

In addition to that, there are limited seats in the programme each year to enable me to support my existing students at the highest level possible.

So, don’t hesitate to lock in your spot before they’re all gone.

What’s At Stake?

With the world in chaos and the economy in shambles this is the perfect time to disconnect from the ‘normal business system’ and take control of your own economy.

The reality is that when you have the skills I’ll teach you in “Business Skills Mastery” you’ll be able to write your own future.

You won’t be dependent on the whims of the “market” or any one company or client for your income.

So if you believe in yourself and what you’re capable of doing with the right support, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

And it works in every market.

brick and mortar blue-collar businesses like plumbing, gardening, decorating.

coaches and consultants

Selling physical products

Creating and selling courses

membership websites

Selling your services as an expert

Teaching a topic you love

Creating a community

Sell other people’s products or services as an affiliate

But it does require the right system to get you there from where you are right now…

It’s not enough to WANT it. You’ve got to TAKE ACTION.

So, here’s what you need to decide…

Are you ready to change your life?

Grab hold of freedom and autonomy?

Take back control of your financial future?

And make the world a better place by helping people solve their problems?

If so, click the button below right away and lock in your spot before someone else takes it…


But wait…“I need to know more.”

I get it…

It feels like a BIG purchase.

But in reality, it’s the safest investment you will ever make.

There’s no better investment than the one you make in yourself (as Warren Buffet says)

And there are no investments that come with a 3 x your money guarantee.

So let’s dig into the details a bit more about how the “Business Skills Mastery” programme really works and what it’s done for me and my students.

With all these wannabe gurus taking pics in front of Lamborghinis and screaming about the latest marketing widget and gizmo, it’s overwhelming and frankly exhausting for 90% of business owners.

Well the Business skills mastery programme is completely different…

It’s about simplicity.

Just being yourself and showing up every day to put in the necessary work.

That’s the REAL path to success.

Based on the fundamentals, not the fads…

It is about leveraging the fundamentals of creating great offers, reaching a lot of people and making sales.

It’s truly TIMELESS.

Blending historically proven business and marketing principles with the smartest modern business and marketing tactics and tools.

So your business isn’t built on the latest marketing fad or widget…but rather on understanding how to create what people actually want to buy and how to communicate with them effectively.

Once you know how to do that it’s simply a matter of being relentlessly consistent.

Which brings us to the tactics of the “Business skills mastery programme”…

In the course I’ll teach you how to generate leads that pay for themselves using my “Automated Audience” advertising system.

When you master it…you’ll have a nearly infinite supply of leads (contacts) for your business!

And as you’ve probably heard before, “The money is in the list!”

But the money is only in the list when you know how to convert.

And this is where the true genius of the “Business skills mastery programme” comes in.

Once you master the techniques it’s simply a matter of how much effort you want to put in.

But don’t just take my word for it…

business skills mastery testimonial

“This may sound like an exaggeration, but it is the honest to God truth,

The Business Skills Mastery Program has been the most valuable investment I have ever made in my 47 years on this planet.

I was very hesitant because I had never made an investment in myself at this sort of cost. So it took me some serious thought before committing, but I’m so glad I took the leap.

This level of training really makes formal education and employment experience a waste of time, and it’s a whole lot cheaper.

It turned out to be the full blueprint from start to finish of how to run a complete busines and it’s essential to any modern entrepreneur.

I am giving this review because this training has changed the trajectory of my entire life.

I don’t even normally give reviews…

Anthony – Thank you so much brother. Your transparency, integrity and openness to share these key secrets and methods is a game changer for the small business community.

Michael D.
business skill mastery case study

“There is absolutely no way I could have started the business the way I have without Anthony. He made the whole process of starting an online focused business simple.

My funnels were up and running in no time, I avoided a bunch of extra work, and I could pour my attention into the product instead of endless technical details.

Most of all, Anthony helped me change my mindset. That wasn’t why I joined him at first, but it ended up making the biggest difference.

Now, not only have I launched a great business with a killer online presence, I’ve become the type of person who believes in themself enough to execute, and that will keep paying me for the rest of my life.”

Kylie T
another testimonial business skills mastery

Anthony was very knowledgeable and the content is enjoyable. Extrememly eye-opening. The guided training is very precise so progress is fast.

Lewis W.
business skill mastery another case study

Anthony is an exceptional teacher, trainer and motivator. Many business titans with more authority than me will attest to that but I’d just like to say that out of all the materials I have bought, read, watched and tried to assimilate over the years, this process makes the most sense and gives precise practical video guides.

Mark H

Here are some more reviews about Anthony’s other products and services

So are You Ready To Get Started?

Click Here and Buy Now

money back guarantee

The Triple Your Money Guarantee Explained

You can experience everything the Business Skills Mastery Programme has to offer for 30 days and if you don’t think you will be able to easily earn triple the amount of your investment (£5995 x 3…Call it £18,000!) then you can have your all money back, no questions asked.

Take 30 days to review and implement the programme and if it isn’t EVERYTHING and MORE than what I’ve described here, just let me know within 30 days and I will promptly refund 100% of your investment!

In addition to that, you can keep all the valuable bonuses I provide you along the way as a token of my appreciation for your time.

I’m confident that when you put this programme into action you’ll make back triple your investment and much more.

I’ve priced this programme at a very low price for what it’s worth.

To most people this programme is worth at least 10x what they pay for it…

This is a programme for serious entrepreneurs who understand that to run an elite business you have to pay to play ongoing whether in time or money depending on your preference.

If you don’t believe that I can’t help you, I encourage you NOT TO BUY.

This is how I “shake the tree” and make sure I only end up with top-quality people in my programmes who get results.

If you lack self belief, I suggest you start with this mindset training programme that is roughly 1 tenth of the cost.

After years of working in the training and coaching industry, I’ve become somewhat “picky” about who I work with.

And you should be too. I expect to be the best coach you’ll ever find. I expect you to be the best you can be and I will help that superhuman come out of you.

So if after ALL THAT you’re not too apprehensive and still ready to rock…we’ll do just fine together!

Simply scroll down the page, fill out the form below, and get started immediately building the business of your dreams.

Let’s start making big changes to your small business and your lifestyle in the fastest possible way.

There are lots of ways I can help you progress faster but this is the absolute fastest and best value for money I offer.

Get it while it’s available as I won’t always offer it.

Best Wishes,

Anthony Tedd

Got Some Questions?

 How long is the programme?

A typical programme candidate requires 18 months of one to one work. Some can do things faster in around 12 months and some take up to 2 years to make these skills become second nature.

 How is the programme delivered?

A mixture of copy click by click video lessons, fill in the blank templates, private video conference calls and general verbal and written coaching back and forth using varied means.

What if I have more questions?

Simply Send an email by clicking here

How Do I Get Started?

To Get Business Skills Mastery Now, Fill out the boxes and choose your preferred payment method.

If the checkout page isn’t embedded here (due to your browser/ caching settings), you can go to the dedicated checkout page by clicking here

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