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Business Launch and Seo Hack

Business launch and seo hack

Big businesses exploit this powerful secret when they launch a new business.

You can do it too and unlock some additional bonuses at the same time.

 Just for these additional benefits alone, companies are charging around $600.

You’ll see why in the video further down this page- But…

Why Do All Business Owners Need to Know About This?

Additional benefits aside, in terms of search engine optimisation and free Google traffic, this hack allows you to get your brand name associated with a lot of…

international news outlets. 

It’s a big tick in the box in terms of your domain authority and preferential exposure on Google.

Small Business Revolution

Warning For Small Businesses 

You’re not going to be seen on the 6 o clock news because they are online news outlets.

 But there is an added bonus regarding your general brand authority and public perception.

 And people pay a lot of money for this additional benefit (unless they are Anthony Tedd .com members of course).

So let me explain it quickly…

 Have you ever been on websites that show ‘As Seen In’ on their home page?…

 Of course you have…

 Well there is a company that is always showing up on my Instagram feed

(and has been for over 2 years)

They keep offering me a very specific service, doing the ‘As seen in’ thing.

 (I’ll show you their website on the video below to save time)

And what they claim is true…

You will get more people to buy/ enquire with you when

your business is seen as reputable and credible.

And you can achieve this quickly by associating it with certain well known and trusted household names. 

So yes, this could well be of benefit to you.

 And it’s unbelievably quick and easy to do!

You simply buy their service (or the cheaper, better alternative below the video) and you can add…

 “As seen in”…CBS News, Fox News, NBC, to your website.

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 But please note, this is not why I use this hack for my businesses!

There are some problems with this type of service

The news outlets in question are only affiliated websites in the wider network of these media outlets.

The companies selling you this service do not make that clear.

It’s not like your business is getting highlighted in the main news website on the front page.

The articles they publish are not being heavily vetted either. 

(but they won’t tell you that of course).

It’s a bit of a give away when they give you the opportunity to save some money and write the article yourself however.

Watch this quick video to see for yourself…

So why do top businesses use type of thing?

 Top businesses use a similar hack (in a more sophisticated way), purely for the SEO benefits.

 The brand recognition is simply a nice side benefit for those business owners that want to associate themselves with these particular types of brands in this way.

Here’s how you can do it the right way… 

Whenever I launch a new business, I get the businesses featured on…

over 350 websites,

with the brand mentioned (which Google loves), within a professionally written news article…

that’s produced by a trained journalist. 

 And this is something that all good businesses do.

 Remember that the company I used as an example in the video (who are very popular) only feature you on 100 websites and it costs $597 with their journalists writing the article, (including unlimited revisions before publication)… 

 Well as a member of Anthony Tedd .com, you can get access to a better, similar service where you can get your business featured on over 350 sites worldwide (not just 100).

(that’s 350 mentions on news outlets that Google loves)…

 And professional journalists will write the article for you with unlimited revisions

(which you shouldn’t need because they’ll do such a good job). 

 And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll get a full report of the websites your article gets featured on, with the live links. (you can see the lengthy report you’ll get in the video).

Here it is again if you missed it…

 Please do note that these are mostly United States-based websites but the purpose is not specifically for brand awareness remember, it is for search engine optimisation. 

To Summarise

 The crucial differences I deliver for my members in comparison to the popular company I showed above is…

Half the price!

Over 3 and half times more exposure and brand mentions for the Google spiders to find!

A professionally written article of at least 300 words!

That’s SEO safe and optimised

How Do You Order?

You simply tell us the angle you want the news article to cover (such as ‘new business launch’) and we’ll do the rest for you. 

Conversion rate optimisation is one of many important skills for entrepreneurs that you can learn more about here

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