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“A business coach that’s world-class and teaches the essential skills and mindset required to truly transform your business and lifestyle.”

SME business coaching is designed with the entrepreneur in mind, helping business owners to hone their entrepreneurship and small business management skills to achieve time and financial freedom. – That’s what owning a business is all about.

When working with a business coach for small businesses, you will be developing business fundamentals most impactful and best suited to your business. You and your business coach will work on your most critical tasks together, in the most efficient and effective way.

Once implemented, your efforts will give you hours of your life back every week, and earn you more money at the same time. The benefits of undergoing coaching for small business owners will also be ongoing; It will be residual.

Small Business Coach, Industry Disruptor

Anthony Tedd is the founder of the small business revolution that disrupts the industry of entrepreneurial education. He sets the benchmark as a business coach online, with an unrivalled level of personal pride in your success.

Those forgoing coaching for small business owners with Anthony Tedd can expect to gain access to catalogue of specialist courses, as well as personal access to him directly.

Anthony only works as a business coach to develop entrepreneurship and small business management skills with a limited number of clients at any one time.

What can SME Business Coaching hope to improve?

As a business coach for small businesses, Anthony focuses on reducing your business costs, freeing up your personal time, and removing barriers to scaling your business.

There is a maximum emphasis on automation at every point to achieve this aim.

The main areas include but are not limited to…

✓ Sales

✓ Specifically selling via automated email marketing

✓ Sales copy (selling using specific words and techniques whether written or spoken)

✓ Selling via automated scalable methods such as webinars and video sales pieces on your website

✓ Marketing

✓ Promoting your business across multiple channels to diversify your customer generation (and protect your business)

✓ Specifically paid advertising across multiple platforms and organic search engine optimisation as a long term strategy

✓ Brand Development

✓ Positioning yourself as an expert and leader in your industry

✓ Gaining authority credentials to differentiate yourself in your industry

✓ Business Structure

✓ Building evergreen customer attraction assets that earn you new business on autopilot

✓ Bringing your outsourced services in house for lower costs and faster implementation

✓ Specifically Image and video creation and editing, social media marketing

✓ Tech

✓ Website building

✓ Website conversion optimisation

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