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Virtual Meeting AI

AI-Powered Virtual Meetings Save Time and Money For Business Owners Ever used Zoom? Of course you have. It’s 2024. But not so long ago, you were struggling to survive Covid 19 lockdown. An awkward family quiz and 15 people asking ‘can you hear me’ at the same time, while your Grandad can’t figure out how […]

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virtual meeting ai

Is Accessibility Important when Building your Business Website?

Is Accessibility Important when Building your Business Website? As a business owner, your responsibility is to ensure that your company website caters to your entire customer base. Your site sould be easily accessed by anyone and everyone, regardless of any disabilities or limitations that they may face. There are a wide range of disabilities that

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What do you need to know for Successful Copywriting?

What do your need to know for Successful Copywriting? Copywriting should be a top priority for any successful business model, helping your website to rank highly in the organic search results and providing your potential customers with enticing and informative content that encourages them to purchase from your company. However, writing great copy for your

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copy writing courses for entrepreneurs

Writing Seo Copy

Writing Seo Copy Writing SEO copy is essential for every business. If you don’t know much about writing SEO copy yet, don’t worry. There are free courses below and lots of help on hand, including low cost done for you services from the small business revolution. There’s also an awesome simple tool you can get

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writing seo copy

Why online business classes are perfect for busy entrepreneurs

Why online business classes are perfect for busy entrepreneurs If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re always on the go. You don’t have time for generic, strategy-focused traditional business classes and courses. You need convenient, affordable business classes that are results-focused, offer plenty of flexibility, and are tailored to your individual business needs. But where do

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Online Business Classes

How can entrepreneurial marketing help you to reach your business goals?

How can entrepreneurial marketing help you to reach your business goals? Entrepreneurial marketing is a type of marketing that involves: Entrepreneurial marketing can often be carried out on a low budget, which is ideal for many new business owners who may not have a lot of capital. Business owners can use entrepreneurial marketing to help

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Entrepreneurial Marketing

Company Video

3 Short But Essential Videos For Your Company Discover how 3 short and simple company videos that are less than 5 minutes combined can save you time and money forever… Video engages people, saves time and builds relationships. Having the right kinds of videos for your company will allow you to operate at scale, employ

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company videos that save time and money

What Pages Do I Need On My Website?

Learn which essential pages you need on your website to keep Google happy. Publish them within minutes with copy and paste templates. Satisfy Google’s algorithm and earn website visitors’ trust at the same time. Get the legally required pages to safely do business around the globe without having to pay a lawyer. There’s also a hack, especially for local-based small businesses to beat their competition in the search engine rankings.

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Website Pages You Need

Social Media Autoresponder

Got a business to run? If you do, then you’ve probably got better things to do than check social every hour and waste time replying to bots, wierdo’s and trolls on social media.
But imagine being able to filter out your ideal, ready-to-buy customers effortlessly and let them know instantly that they are your priority and you’re on hand to serve them? Even while you sleep.Save time and money with this social media autoresponder

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Social Media Autoresponder

Business Mentor

  Business Mentor Online With Anthony Tedd, you can find a business mentor that works for you!Business coaching and mentoring is a free service offered to lifetime members of Anthony Tedd, designed to provide you with: An elite entrepreneurial mindset An understanding on the common causes of business failure The motivation that you need to

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Business Mentor Free Daily Service

Goal Setting

These 10 steps for goal setting success will ensure you can finally achieve your goals in the fastest and simplest way.

They work for all personal and professional goals.

Don’t have any goals yet? Don’t worry. There’s a full live training session including downloads to help you every step of the way

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Goal Setting

How To Stay Motivated

Finally learn how to stay motivated and keep focussed on your goals. Unlock all of your potential with a proven method from an award winning and inspirational mentor entirely for free.

If you’re looking to get motivated, stay motivated or are in search of inspiration, you are finally in the right place.

You are going to finally learn a way to life hack your motivation levels and actually influence your results.

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How to Stay Motivated

How To Succeed Today. A Simple Summary

Authored by Anthony Tedd “How To Succeed Today: A Simple Summary” is a 5 star rated, practical overview of the day to day disciplines required to gain consistent success in any field.

It is available to buy on Amazon for just £6.99 plus shipping or download for 5 USD.

The summary also provides a deeper insight into the author’s humble beginnings and personal and professional influences.

These range from military leadership training and qualifications, to a role as a British police officer, through to the global media acknowledged, award-winning and successful entrepreneur that he is today.

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How To Succeed Today Book

Awards- Most Inspiring Business Person

With over 450 nominations received for the 7th Annual National Entrepreneur Awards, 8 categories have been shortlisted down to just 10 Finalists for the awards evening.

Just being named as one of those finalists is an incredible achievement in its own right and Anthony Tedd is one of them.

It will be a big night on a big stage either way for the exemplary finalists, and there are some big names attending including Dragons Den star Peter Jones, David Walliams and Piers Morgan…

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