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Who You Hang With Is Critical To Your Business Success
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Finally Succeed With Anthony Tedd

Who you spend your time with matters…

(Momma still knows best doesn’t she?!)

And we also know…

Most People Tell You Lies and Waste Your Time!

(especially on social media)

So we gotta filter those SUCKA’S out

Mr T

And fast, cos we’re hella busy.

So we’re damn lucky to have found each other today because…

Helping people transform their lifestyle and business quickly is my obsession

(If you don’t believe me, ask my psychiatrist)

Anthony Tedd .com

Just Kidding… (or am I?)

Either way, I literally help hundreds of people every day, for free!

Crazy right….?


The Small Business Revolution is already happening…

so here we go, my fellow success seeker…

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Here Are The Types Of Thing We Do…

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Personal Success JournalPersonal Success Journal
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So Who is Anthony Tedd?

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Anthony Tedd 

Achieve More and Work Less.


Transform your lifestyle and your business today…

*Featured In Forbes magazine and many more…

*Best Selling Author in Small Business and Entrepreneurship

*Award Winning Business Owner, Coach and Mentor

*UK’s “Most Inspiring Business Owner” Finalist

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What Do People Get Out of Anthony Tedd .com?

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Personal Bio Highlights

Anthony and David

Best Selling Author in Small Business and Entrepreneurship…

Anthony Tedd Book Review

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