Awards- Most Inspiring Business Person

Anthony Tedd Most Inspiring Business Person 2020 Award Finalist

Anthony Tedd- Most Inspiring Business Person Award Finalist was one of over 450 nominations that were received for the 7th Annual National Entrepreneurs Awards.

8 categories have been shortlisted down to just 10 Finalists for the awards evening.

Just being named as one of those finalists is an incredible achievement in its own right and Anthony Tedd is one of them.

It will be a big night on a big stage either way for the exemplary finalists, as there are some big names attending...

The audience will contain over 1500 business owners.

Those on stage include...

Peter Jones Awards Attendee

The winners of the Awards will be presented by none other than...

David Walliams Presenter

Did you know that David Walliams out-sold JK Rowling in both 2017 and 2018 to become the most successful author in Britain with sales of over £100m. He’s an incredible comedian, Sport Relief campaigner and Britain’s Got Talent judge. He is hugely entertaining and a very smart cookie when it comes to business.

The National Entrepreneur Awards are being held at the  International Convention Centre, Birmingham, UK

On the evening of March 23rd 2020 (Update- this event has been delayed due to Covid-19 Pandemic. The newly proposed awards evening is scheduled for Monday 28th September 2020).

Will Anthony Tedd be the overall winner of "Most Inspiring Business Person " at the 7th Annual National Entrepreneur Awards?

Here are his thoughts...

Anthony Tedd Portrait

Anthony Tedd

" Just making the finals of this award has been one of the highlights of my career so far. I'm already super proud and so excited to potentially meet Mr Walliams. It would be awesome if I were to win it and be on such a big stage with him. David is a fabulous inspiration as an incredibly hard working and successful individual. It's a real honour."

Anthony Tedd

Anthony transforms the lives of small business owners

He is an award winning business owner and Finalist in the 7th Annual National Entrepreneur Awards for "Most Inspiring Business Person"

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