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Welcome to Anthony Tedd .com.

I’m Anthony and I’m really grateful for your visit today.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand how valuable your time is.

To prove that to you, and thank you personally for your visit, at the end of this short welcome message, I’ve arranged…

instant access to a special free gift in addition to a lot of other valuable free resources that you can get here at Anthony

This special gift reveals my secrets to personal and business success, in the quickest and the simplest way.

It’s yours for free when you join my community today, which is also free, because it’s all part of my personal mission.

Learn About the Small Business Revolution

That mission is to revolutionise small businesses and transform the lifestyles of other small business owners, just as I did my own.

The gift I’m making available is a special video version of my number one bestseller in small business and entrepreneurship.

How To Succeed Today Video Book

It would normally cost 10 USD plus shipping on Amazon, but today it’s my gift to you when you join.

You can listen to it whilst driving or watch it whilst taking the dog for a walk.

Aside from the secrets to success revealed within it, it will also enable you to quickly understand my personal motivations behind Anthony

You’ll also understand the true extent of my transformational journey through small business.

It will enable you to see how simply you can achieve similar results and transform your business and lifestyle in the simplest and fastest way.

I’ve learned in over a decade of business that there are two things that will determine your level of achievement as an entrepreneur.

Your entrepreneurial skills and your entrepreneurial mindset.

Very few entrepreneurs develop both and therefore, very few achieve significant results over the long term.

The good news is, more small businesses survive than we’re led to believe.

small business survival rates

30% of all businesses make it their 10th year.

A big achievement.

However, whether they’re worthwhile running for the owner or even truly a proper business, which I’ll explain shortly is a consideration that most entrepreneurs and statistical reports fail to address.

They do so because the truth hurts.

Discover The Truth About Most Small Businesses

The truth is that the businesses that survive deliver a lifestyle nothing like what the entrepreneur wanted for their business when they started.

Taking the UK as an example, right now, 4 million business owners’ dreams and life savings are going up in smoke and they don’t even know it.

There are only around 6 million, so are you in the top 30%?

Small Business Owner Gets Trapped

Most entrepreneurs are on a hamster wheel to nowhere and
I don’t want you, or other business owners like us to be one of them.

You’ll know for sure you won’t be one of the unlucky ones if you join Anthony for free today.

Surviving in business is not why we’re here.

That’s not why we started and it’s not a worthy goal.

But we’re lead to think that surviving is a good thing.

For the lucky surviving 30% (that’s 2 million UK business owners at any point), less than 1 % of them, attain the big dreams they started out with.

They have long since dismissed those dreams as unattainable.

Support for Entrepreneurs

Their dreams have faded away slowly, and they have conveniently been forgotten.

It’s a very common, sub-conscious coping strategy brought on by the overwhelming challenges of business.

Avoid The Small Business Trap

Most entrepreneurs actually become trapped by their own business and earn a very modest living.

They’d often be better off employed.

Despite what people say, the number one reason for a business failing or stagnating is owner burnout.

Business Owner Burnout

It’s not the recessions or the pandemics, I’ve steered businesses through both.

It’s not the staff or the law suits, or the burglaries or any other reason that people give.

I’ve been through all those too. I do completely understand that in those tough circumstances, hanging your entrepreneurial coat up is the logical decision for most small business owners, and we know it happens but it’s a crying shame because we need great small businesses in our economy.

Business failure is unnecessary and it’s completely preventable.

Don’t Become A Small Business Failure

The majority of entrepreneurs sadly just don’t know any better.

Courses for business
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Their business was always unsustainable and destined for failure or at best, mediocrity.

Nobody starts out in business to be mediocre, but the overwhelming majority of businesses deliver the owner nothing like the expectations that they had for their own life or for the life of their family.

A proper business is actually a system that works for you, not the other way around.

Most small business owners think they own a business when really they own a job.

And it’s the worst kind of job because they have no fixed hours, work into the evenings and weekends , get no holiday pay and have no sick benefits.

They are trapped and I see this everywhere I go but it doesn’t need to be this way.

Entrepreneur Feeling Trapped

There is A Solution

All their dreams are still on the table and it’s simply down to the systems and processes they have (or rather, don’t have currently within their business).

I help transform businesses so they work for the owner by ensuring they are systemised, automated and as stress-free as possible.

We remove as much of the human elements as possible to free up your time so you can focus on growing and living the lifestyle of your dreams.

If you’re thinking it’s too easy for me to say because I’ve got an online business then please reserve your judgement until you’ve read my first book.

free website course author

I’ll show you all the key proof in 30 minutes.

You’ll see what can be achieved with what I share, with the most basic of traditional businesses, specifically a gardening business, which gives the millionaire owner the luxury of a 4 hour workweek.

Reduce Your Working Hours

What I share applies to all service, product and digital businesses as I own all 3.

If you want to work less hours and get better results, whilst improving your business in ways you may not even know exist at this moment in time, just join today for free.

I transform business owners lives and that’s a long-term commitment.

If you’re not sure whether that’s right for you you can leave in one click at anytime and you’re in control of the tiny amount of data I securely hold on you at all times.

If your still unsure, I’ll quickly share some of my personal business philosophies with you so you can determine whether we’re a good match for each other going forward.

Anthony's Credentials

I believe profit equates to sanity and turnover is pure vanity.

I believe in keeping businesses lean, flexible and cash rich so you can adapt and ride out unexpected challenges, like recessions and pandemics without stress.

This flexibility allows YOU to develop faster.

Your goals, expectations and dreams will change hugely as your business transforms using the resources I have available.

Small business owners are plagued by short-term impulse-driven, flashy lifestyle marketing.

Anthony Tedd .com

I’m not a flash person. You won’t be seeing cars and mansions from me because it doesn’t serve you.

A second-hand Lamborghini costs 60k- it’s not even impressive.

That stuff is always style over substance or ties you into something you can’t get back out of.

I hate that type of thing. Just remember that nothing works unless you do and the harder you work, the luckier you will get.

Along my business journey, I always wished there was a no b*ll$hit blueprint for business success that had the long-term interests of a business owner at heart.

There wasn’t, so I created one. Other entrepreneurs don’t have to make the mistakes that I did which cost so much time and money.

We don’t need many opportunities in life. But we do need to recognise them and seize them when they present themselves.

Your membership to Anthony Tedd .com will remain 100% free if you join today.

I hope you grab the free version of my book that’s available to you right now for you to see how far I can help you go and how much faster you can get there.

But I can’t make you click that button.

It’s you who determines your future with your decisions.

I believe that small business owners deserve more support than they get and I genuinely love seeing them develop.

The business tools I share alone will save you thousands over the life of your business and save you hours of work every week.

They are shown on the resources page and you simply join to access them.

If you click to join now you’ll be taken straight there with unlocked access to dozens of resources you’ll need to grow your business faster for less and for free and they are ever-growing but never overwhelming.

You’ll also be informed when new resources become available so you can keep your competition way behind and give yourself the breathing space to enjoy doing business.

I look forward to welcoming you as a member of Anthony

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