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Anthony Tedd .com transforms the lives of small business owners through free training and advice, business coaching, business courses and a strong emphasis on personal and professional development for entrepreneurs

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“There’s a specific set of business skills, a certain business mindset, and particular business tools you must have as an entrepreneur. Otherwise you’ll spend way more money than you need to and waste a lot of time (plus the chances of failing become overwhelmingly high).
The length of time it takes you to acquire these skills, mindset and tools will have a huge impact on your life. They are ultimately the difference between the success and failure of your business”.

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Mindset + Motivation

Develop a mindset for long term personal and professional development

Tools + Resources

Systemise and automate your business to reduce costs and labour

Support + Skills

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Before working with Anthony I struggled with direction and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Now everything is different. It’s hard to explain how much you learn and how simple it is.

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I now need fewer sales and admin staff thanks to the software we’ve introduced and it produces more profit to use for growth. My business is simpler and my results are better.

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I worked too many hours and needed more time but I couldn’t find the lifestyle balance I wanted until I discovered Anthony There’s nothing else like it.


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Anthony Tedd 

Achieve More and Work Less.


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*Featured In Forbes magazine and many more…

*Best Selling Author in Small Business and Entrepreneurship

*Award Winning Business Owner, Coach and Mentor

*UK’s “Most Inspiring Business Owner” Finalist

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What can you expect from world-class Small Business Support 

  • Exclusive online business courses tailored especially for small businesses
  • Un-biased recommendations based on real experience
  • The lowest cost, most effective small business tools available
  • A focus that keeps your business flexible, free and under your control
  • The ability to protect yourself from unscrupulous agencies and advertisers
  • Expert support on every aspect of your business, all in one place

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